Remote Hand Services

DC5 remote hands are an on-site colocation support team made up of highly trained data center technicians. Our remote hands service provides colocation customers with technical support for the maintenance, troubleshooting and installation of data center equipment. This may include any number of tasks such as, rack-mounting equipment, patch cable installations and memory or equipment installation. Remote hands technicians also help colocation customers configure network equipment such as routers, switches or firewalls.

Daily routine monitoring and check for customer collocation

Managed Monitoring Services are ideal for servers that require monitoring and 24/7 service response of critical Internet services. Includes monitoring of up to 10 service/data points and one hour per month of administrative assistance during normal business hours. Administrative hours purchased across multiple servers are pooled.

Daily back up and restore services

We offer a managed daily backup service. First we also work with you, the customer, to ensure that the correct data is being backed up. Thereafter, we manage the backups and check that they are working using our own automated system. The system checks that there is some data in the backup, otherwise an alert is generated and one of our systems administrators will investigate.

Predefine activity services

When creating a Business Activity Services-enabled orchestration to define a process, you must use role links to identify the relationships of the organizations using this process. You use role links in BizTalk Server 2004 Orchestration Designer to represent the relationship and roles of organizations within a specific business transaction, such as a supplier, customer, or shipper. This mechanism provides a layer of abstraction in the implementation that allows configuration modifications without needing to recompile and redeploy your orchestration source files.