Cloud Services

Cloud and Virtualisation has brought huge benefits to IT and the business consumer, both enjoying gains in agility and productivity. New environments and applications can be made available in minutes rather than days and weeks and customers can ‘pick and choose’ from an array of Cloud and Virtualisation solution providers and technologies.

Servers Virtualization and Storage Service

Optimize performance, simplify deployments, and reduce infrastructure costs in your virtualization environment with HP Converged Storage solutions that deliver differentiated technology, leading hypervisor integration and easy management.

Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service

Cloud computing comes in many flavors of providing compute power to users. A person can sign up for a service, provide a credit card, and have access to practically unlimited computational resources. In this post we discuss the difference between what makes a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) compared to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

Customized private cloud service

It is a managed cloud solution built on a single-tenant (dedicated) environment powered by VMware. Each virtual machine (VM) has its own operating system and set of applications customized to meet an organization’s needs. A private cloud allows organizations to leverage lower price-points associated with virtualization without placing their infrastructure in a shared environment.